29 Jul

The Canadian Experience Class is a program directed at foreign immigrants who would like to apply for a permanent resident status. This program is specifically for foreign workers who have temporary status specifically those who are already settled in Canada. This is suitable for those who would like to learn more about Canada, the culture, society, environment, government policies and basically, the Canadian way of life.

Understanding the Canadian Express Class

The Canadian Experience Class is considered as one of the best programs implemented for immigrants. This was created to speed up the process of residency for individuals who are able to meet the requirements set by the government. This provides a smooth transition from temporary to permanent residency that may next lead to a Canadian citizenship. What sets this apart from other programs and procedures is the government’s provision of acknowledging the immigrants work experience in Canada. This standard of selection attracts a lot of skilled foreign workers in Canada and all over the globe to consider applying for a permanent status.

 The Requirements

The application process is done through an express selection system where the individual is required to create an online profile and receive an invitation to apply. There are prerequisites for interested parties who want to proceed with the process. The individual should have at least one year of professional work experience in Canada within a span of three years from the submission of application. The required employment levels are those from a skilled, technical, professional or managerial position and must be working on a full time basis. This means working on shifts with a total of 30 hours in a week. For part time workers, only pro-rated positons may considered as well as multiple part time jobs. Foreign workers with valid work permits are entitled to apply while those who do not have authorization will not be entertained.

During the application process, the individual must be physically present in Canada. However, the program is also open to applicants who are currently out of the country as long as their request is valid within the three year mark required by the government. The immigrant should be able to pass the Canadian language benchmark of an initial or adequate intermediate proficiency level. The aptitude test will depend on the job classification of the applicant. Once the initial requests are met, the application will be elevated to the express entry pool. It is important to take note of these guidelines if you wish to learn more about Canada and its express entry system.

The guidelines state that this program is not applicable to full time working students and self-employed residents. However, if a foreign student graduates from a Canadian school and acquires a job with an experience of one year in a professional level, he will become eligible to apply for this program. This is a popular option for immigrants who would like to become a permanent resident. Foreign workers who want to settle with their families or dependents may also apply for this program. The government acknowledges the fact that immigrants and foreign students have invested their time and skills in studying and working for Canada. In effect, the Canadian government is strengthening and improving these kind of platforms for them. These are just some of the important details you need to understand about Canada should you choose to settle down in this country.



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